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IL CODEGA - a loyal companion of night walks in Venice.


Imagine having a night walk in ancient Venice, in 1450

At the time, the completely dark streets and narrow calli would be a quite unsafe place to walk at night; nothing to do with the safe romantic walks of our days.

The solution? The “Codega”, a person carrying a lantern, was a professional paid by local citizens to illuminate and protect their night walks. They became real companions and oftentimes intercepted curious secrets by the aristocrats they accompanied…

Wouldn’t it be exciting to meet Giacomo Casanova’s personal “Codega”?

The name “Codega” is still used in our days in Venice to refer to a person who “holds the candle”, a third wheel.

No worries though: Eccentrica won't capture any of your secrets, but it will illuminate your magical evenings!

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