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ROSSO SERENISSIMA - a special red for a special lamp



Do you know that, in ancient times, ingredients of red tints were almost as precious as gold?

If there is a city in Europe which the red color is tightly bound to, that is undoubtedly Venice.

Red was synonym of wealth, which is why the Venetian Republic (also called "La Serenissima", the most serene) chose a specific Crimson Red for its lion flag, and for the sails of its fearless fleet.

For example, Purpura Red was obtained by shattering tons of Murex, a sea snail used since the time of Imperial Rome. Every painter, dyer, and alchemist, had their own very secret formula to create a specific tone of red.

Red façades are everywhere in the city, red roofs, paintings, glass, silks, velvets... And even drinks were colored red - including Spritz, the world-famed cocktail originated in Venice over a century back!

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