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GONDOLA ECCENTRICA - a pecularity in common with the Eccentrica lamp



Can you guess what our Eccentrica lamps have in common with the Gondola? 

Everything seems to be a bit off centered in Venice, architectural wise. And that’s quite incredible because things do not seem to be lining very well, but still the ensemble on the city looks so elegant.

So why is that? That is because the classical proportions, geometrical and mathematical ratios, were applied to those constructions, kind of like the human body. The human body is symmetrical, but the two sides don’t do the same things: think of your right hand and your left hand.

Same with the gondola: the gondola takes this functional asymmetry of the human body to its design because the oar is placed to one side only, so the whole boat is designed to compensate for that force.

Eccentrica was born by the layering of off-centered volumes that remind of the unexpected elegance and the classical beauty of which Venice is filled!

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