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Eccentrica Product Info

Eccentrica's warm soft dimmable light, at 2700K with excellent color rendering (CRI>90) turns as reassuring as candle light and as functional and low-energy consumption as only LED can be.

The light diffuser, lined with a Rubelli textile, sparks soft and warm light through textures that resemble ancient stones and sunburnt paint.

A finely orchestrated interplay between direct and reflected rays that diffuse a sense of coziness and elegance into your environment.

Normally the Smart Cap Light turns on and off and dims with the main light; however, under certain circumstances. it will emits light signal to communicate with you in a smart and friendly way:
-> Main Light OFF - Charging signals: the Smart Cap will pulse to indicate that the battery is charging; it will stay on to indicate the reach of full charge, as long as the charging cable is attached;
-> Main Light ON - Dimming signals: while dimming, the Smart Cap will blink once to indicate the reach of minimum dimming, twice for maximum;
-> Main Light ON - Low battery signals: when battery is low the Smart Cap will start blinking for several minutes, until the automatic shutdown of the device. Please plug in the device to continue operating and/
or charge the battery.

While IP43 certified, thus resistant to rainwater spray, following CE regulations Eccentrica classifies as an indoor device.

We suggest to limit outdoor exposure to occasional use in mild climate.

Always store and charge in a dry environment.

The external charger and cable must never get wet.

Eccentrica is a low-energy lamp, eco-designed to be easily maintanied and repaired if necessary, in order to perform for long. It is also designed to be recyclable: the lamp body
is 100% recyclable aluminum; it also contains a battery pack and electronic components that need to be
disposed following local legislation.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

In case the main light won’t turn on, please charge the device:

-> check that the USB cable is powered, with a green LED on near the magnetic plug,

-> that it is firmly attached to the lamp, and

-> that the battery switch is ON.

With the main light off, the smart cap light will be pulsing to indicate that the device is charging: if not, please check the connections once more, or contact TEXLUM for support.


In case of very low battery, let it charge for at least 15’ before turning the main light on.

Please refer to the OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS chapter od the User's Manual to turn the light on, following all instructions meticulously.

An improper use may cause damage to the device and/or its battery, potentially leading to dangerous overheating, fires, explosions, and/or battery leakage.

Only usa a soft cloth to gently clean the appliance, damped with water and delicate soap if necessary.

Do not use alcohol or other solvents, or abrasive, nor any aggressive products to clean the device, as they might damage the metal finish and/or other components.

Before storing, wipe the lamp dry and ensure that the battery
switch is OFF. Store in a dry and dust-free environment.

Please contact TEXLUM technical support for device repair, including light source and/or battery replacement if necessary: any replacement or repair should be performed exclusively by TEXLUM or by qualified personnel authorized by TEXLUM using original TEXLUM parts.

TEXLUM declines all responsibility in case of unauthorized disassembly or tampering with the device.

Lithium-ion batteries generally do not leak; however, in the remote case that they do, it can be dangerous. Leaked battery acid is corrosive and toxic and can lead to fires and explosions.

In such event, do not operate the lamp and turn off the Battery Switch immediately ( image 1 - A ).

In case of contact of leaked battery acid with eyes or mouth it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. In case of contact with skin or clothes immediately wash with abundant water.

Do not attempt to repair. Please contact TEXLUM technical support for battery replacement. Keep batteries away from children. Do not heat, open, drill or break batteries, and keep them away from flames.


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