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ECCENTRICA Bronzo/Battiloro

Portable, rechargeable lamp diffusing warm, soft light.

"BRONZO" lamp body: for millennia, bronze has been deemed by craftsmen as one of the most precious metals, known for its strength and for its dark brown, refined appearance.

"BATTILORO" ''Battiloro'' is one of the oldest Venetian crafts. The hand-hammered 24K gold foil has been traditionally used in fine arts, and now it has found new applications in gourmet cuisine, cosmetics, and lighting.

    • Portable lamp | 10+ hour autonomy
    • Dimmable via smart-touch cap
    • Warm, soft, hi color-rendering light
    • Aluminum body | RUBELLI textile diffuser
    • Resistant to rainwater spray
    • Magnetic USB-C charging cable
    • Made in Italy
Plug: EU