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ECCENTRICA Bianco/Battiloro

Portable, rechargeable lamp diffusing warm, soft light.

"BIANCO" lamp body: the slightly off-white framed windows are a quintessentially Venetian feature, along with the laundry hung to dry and feisty seagulls.

"BATTILORO" Rubelli textile diffuser: named after one of the oldest Venetian crafts. The hand-hammered 24K gold foil has been traditionally used in fine arts, and now it has found new applications in gourmet cuisine, cosmetics, and lighting.

    • Portable lamp | 10+ hour autonomy
    • Dimmable via smart-touch cap
    • Warm, soft, hi color-rendering light
    • Aluminum body | RUBELLI textile diffuser
    • Resistant to rainwater spray
    • Magnetic USB-C charging cable
    • Made in Italy
Plug: EU